I'm in shock. I've been battling Achilies tendinitis...

 for over a year. And after one week of using fight rub, the pain has actually decreased. I'm  hooked." Carol. Littleton NH

"Love this stuff and use it all the time!!!!

"Love this stuff and use it all the time!!! 

I recommend it to anyone who complains about muscles hurting because it's literally and instant relief." Alex

"This is a true story...

My hands get so dry in the winter that I actually get liitle cuts along my finger tips which are super painful. I've tried a ton of moisturizers, including one that was highly recommended, but nothing healed them. So last night I was putting fight rub on my shoulder and for the hell of it rubbed into my hands. 

I just looked and realize the little cuts are gone. this stuff is awesome!" 

Kara, Cape Cod, MA

"As a family of four grapplers (Mom, Dad and two boys)...

FightRub is a staple on our bathroom counter. It works awesome for its intended purposes, and has always helped our mat burns and gi abrasions heal clean and quick. It works well to speed healing of all the other boo-boos our active household accumulates, to include on top of stitches (two boys!) sunburns, skin chaffing from running marathons, and even as a skin lubricant for when Mom (also a physical therapist) works trigger points out of my (plays a lot of inverted guard) neck! There's a reason we keep a tin of FightRub on the counter instead of in the medicine cabinet...someone in the family is always using it, because it works!"

Rob   New Hampshire

Testimonial.... "Fight Rub is the only salve I have found that gives results!"

  Hot shower,  Fight Rub on my lower back and I couldn't even feel the deadlifts I did  at the gym that day!! Love the smell as well, calming :)" 


FightRub! This product is great. This is the second time that I have used it.Takes the soreness out of arthritic hands in just a few minutes. I have a friend that used fightrub on a burn a few minutes after the sting was gone.Works great on dry winter dry hands baby soft. You need to try it for yourself !!!! 

Gordon Littleton, NH

I love Fight rub...

Being super picky when it comes to applying anything on my skin, fight rub is simple and effective. I choose it over the name brands out there. You take the time to make it. Collecting pine adding other natural ingredients yourself. Not only takes away aches and pains but also acts as Neosporin healing skin abrasions. I will be buying more in the future!

Kylie   MMA fighter, MA


I've been an electrician for over 30 years. For the past few years, I've  battled a stabbing elbow and shoulder pain. And every time I think to  use FIGHTRUB on the joints, it makes the pain just melt away.  The stuff  is the only thing I have ever tried that does that.
Amen for FIGHTRUB!

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