Energy Healing

Energy Healing

 $50 hour 

 Joan Flint 

(603) 444-6419 call or text

Office Location 

Center For Collaborative Energies

103 Cottage St

Littleton, NH 03771


"Qi (energy) 

 Gong (to work or practice)

Pronounced (Chee-Gong )

 Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice and healing technique. The practice of working and cultivating vital life force energy by using breath, intention & postures. 

Nature is Powerful Medicine

Our Sports Rub 

is made with wild pine, birch & organic ingredients 

Energy Healing

Intuitive energy practice

Joan Flint  Reiki Master
Certified in Usui Reiki

Joan Flint trained & certified
9 Rites Shamanic Munay KI

by Sharon Ramel

Healing Qigong 

Qigong Events

Joan Flint: Qigong Instructor  certified 

by Master Jesse Tsao of Tai Chi Healthways

 Certified  Between Heaven & Earth Qigong 

by Long White Cloud Qigong

Contact for Qigong at your event 

Enhance performance, health & vitalit



A perfect balance of 7 herbs slowly infused for 6 weeks. Our sports rub is different because it provides deep powerful relief as it soothes, protects & nourishes naturally...without the extreme hot or cold sensation.

PineReal Gardens

We are located in Monroe NH.

Hand made, local and healthy living. Embracing traditional wisdom & knowledge for health and healing.